Nymph of the sea

Everyone who sees the Calypso Nightfall gown for the first time is embraced with silent awe and charmed with unearthly gorgeousness! Talented American photographer Simon Ly captured the intimate unification moment when marine nymph Calypso meet up with her native element.

The whole image is filled with the multifaceted sea depths, dreamy air overflows and sublime strength of coastal rocks. Dozens of skirt tulle layers play with light and shimmer, envelop us with color freshness and catch the gaze. Elegant embroidery is blooming all through the top, placing the right accents and smoothly dissolving in the depths of dark azure layers on the waist.

Calypso gown doing its best at emphasizing the bride’s temperament and boldness. You can catch the very moment when time is frozen and the spectator's breathing stops. Enjoy this song of the sea and the unearthly blue magic with us!

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