5 tips for the groom to survive wedding planning

Even if your groom is not as excited about the wedding planning as you are, here are 5 tips on how to help him survive the upcoming nuptials. Make this time special for both of you!

Expectations and Roles. Tell him where you need help and make clear in what areas you expect him to contribute. Ask him to voice his concerns and ideas early on not to get them overlooked. Joint decisions usually include the budget, guest list, food and beverage selection, honeymoon destination, etc.

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A Schedule.Keeping planning in mind 24/7 may be just too much pressure. Try setting aside one night a week for wedding planning. You could even make it a planning date — go to your favorite coffee-shop or cook dinner at home while discussing the plans. You’ll see how combining planning with a casual activity will bring out the best ideas. Don’t forget to declare wedding-free days and zones!

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Cake Tasting. Get your groom involved in the fun part, such as picking between hazelnut praline buttercream and dark chocolate ganache. It is better to deal with the cake after all decisions about dress style and reception décor have been made, so it should be a pleasant bonus for both of you.

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Social Media. So you’ve updated your Facebook status, replied to all of the ‘congratulations!’ comments and now it’s time to stop until the actual wedding. Your friends will thank you for not updating your preparations live or asking them to help you pick out the table decor (especially those not invited). Nor will your groom be stressed out about all of your friend’s friends know what you are up to.  A little digital detox never hurt nobody.

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Budget Setting. Last but not least, get into numbers together. Coming to an agreement about what you can save on and what to splurge on can take off the pressure of the unknown — the final cost of the wedding. It would be easier for him to operate and help you decide on vendors and venues, and that is what you eventually want anyway, right?

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