MYWONY Designer’s Modern Barn Wedding

When a wedding dress designer creates a gown for her own special day, one thing is certain. She knows exactly what the perfect wedding dress has to be. Claire Rous, the designer behind Mywony Bridal, first had to make several thousand brides all over the world happy with their gowns before she created her own very special dress.

She had about five months in between saying “yes!” to saying “I do!” to create the perfect wedding gown for herself. And so it was made of off-white lace, accentuated with blue embroidery and featured a detachable skirt in soft peach shades.

The bride-to-be decorated the dress by her own with beads a week before the wedding, and the embellishment took her about forty hours.

“A couple of years ago I created a dress for Mywony Bridal which I’d wear for my own wedding, but back then I wasn’t even in a relationship”, says Claire.

“It has been ordered so many times since that I wanted something new. So when it was time for my dress I just put together the elements which I liked most of all — lace and open back. I wanted something classic, with a slight nod to vintage design. I needed the long sleeve as well because it tends to be rather cold here at the beginning of September”.

Claire came across the fabric for the dress long before the wedding at a fabric exhibition in Paris. Back then she thought that it would be a perfect fit for a daring bride. But once having started to plan her own wedding, she knew it would be perfect for the theme. The embroidery reminded of Ukrainian ethnic motives and correlated with the location for the wedding. So first came the barn, and then the dress to compliment the location.

The bridesmaids donned matching light-blue dresses in fabric and silhouette that suited them best. The guests received invitations with a palette of preferable outfit shades, which were dusty blue and pink.

The wedding took place at a former barn in a small village in Western Ukraine. As any destination wedding, the coordinators had to arrange a transfer for about forty guests and twenty vendors from different parts of the country.

While the floral arch was being finalized the guests were welcomed with beer, prosecco, and darts. The bride chose a modern wedding and reception, with her father leading her to the groom. “There was no first look at the wedding as I wanted to see my husband’s reaction the moment he sees me walk down the aisle”, she says.

Credits:Venue: @event100dola || Bride's Dress: @mywony_bridal  mywony.com || Hair: @8ictoris || Makeup: @ivannamamchuk  || Floral Design: @mulberrydecor  || Photography: Andrey Harchenko photography @harchenko_andrey || Calligraphy: @dvadaism

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