Five neutral nail polishes for you big day

The major nail color choice after the engagement ring selfie is your wedding day. There are going to be a lot of people looking at your hands to catch a glimpse of that pretty new addition to your ring set. We made up a list of universal neutrals for your nails (plus some expert advice) that will make photo close-ups even more perfect.

1. Light blue. “Something blue” by all means could be your nails! A powder blue chameleon polish can give your beauty look a special touch and a modern twist to the tradition.

Nail: Essie in At Sea Level
Dress: Asteria

2. Enamel. A white shade to match your wedding gown. A matte finish will look chic and never boring and will give your beauty look a fashion twist.

Nail: CND Shellac in Studio White
Dress: Kyrene

3. Taupe. A blend of brown and gray with pink undertones, taupe is a go-to neutral for a reason. The shade goes with anything and does not distract from the dress.

Daria Gorgievska, cosmo.com.ua editor-in-chief
I believe that you should not follow trends when it comes to wedding nails. Monochromatic manicure in a light shade paired with an almond-shaped form will make your hands look more sophisticated and will look great in pictures!

Nail: Deborah Lippmann in shade Waking up in Vegas
Dress: Melita

4. Neutral pink. Nothing says bridal as the most feminine shade: pink, which looks especially great against white. For full coverage, consider two or three coats, if you prefer a more natural look, just one will be enough.

Alyona Tulbanova, Cosmopolitan Ukraine beauty editor
Stick to minimalism. Ditch the idea of extravagant nail patterns and rhinestones even if you are intending to shine on this day. Trends will pass on, but a natural-looking polish will look stylish even in ten years. If you have fair skin with cool undertone, chose pastel beige, lilac or ash pink. If your skin is warm with deeper golden undertone, take a closer look at coffee-tone and peachy-pink tones.
Nail: Dior in shade Tra-la-la
Dress: Almatea

5. No nothing. Unlike your typical beige, the nude and crème hues, the actual absence of polish is the real definition of nude. Try a clean manicure and natural nails, perfectly fit for a rustic wedding.

Dress: Phaeno

And whatever option you decide to stick with, remember to always moisturize your hands. Hand cream or a cuticle oil pen can make a huge difference for ring close-ups. Also, get your nails done a couple of days before the wedding to avoid any wear and tear by your actual wedding day.

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