June Dress

Say hello to your new dream dress! It is named after the dreamy summer month, and the design reflects its character. Minimalism at its best, the dress is adorned with intricate embroidery, light beading and one-dimensional lace appliques that won't overwhelm the design.

June Dress

“I wanted to create a dress with a lightweight upper part, to let the shoulders and collar bones show,” says Claire Rouss, the designer behind My Wood Nymph. “It was important for me to create an illusion of a corset. The challenge was to do so without using stiff fabrics and boning. The bottom part also had to be lightweight because a full skirt would be pulling too much attention. I chose a hip-fitting mermaid silhouette instead.”

The bodice of the dress is made of nude tulle and layered with off-white chantilly lace. Then another type of french lace with intricate embroidery and beading adds another lightweight layer. A form-fitting blush nude shell adds a color nuance and elaborates the whole look, accenting the floral embroidery of the hemline.

As for the images of the dress photoshoot, the main idea was absolute minimalism. “We left the bride alone with herself surrounded by white walls, showing how beautiful she is,” says Masha Doiban. “I believe that internal content - fragile, vulnerable, sensual and young - will always be more important than the form.”

Find more details on the dress here.

Photography: @masha_doiban Make-up: @bridebylana Hair: @hair_stylist_sokolova Model: @aurora_lingstone

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